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xcritical official site may sometimes need more information about your finances and your ability to repay in order to make a credit decision. Your income gives xcritical additional insight into your ability to repay. Once outside the first 30 Days all payments are non-refundable, but you can return your item to Katapult if your account is in good standing.

This information helps xcritical determine if a dispute is valid or if they should reject it. Make sure the evidence you provide contains as much detail as possible from what the customer provided at checkout. You must submit the requested information within 12 calendar days. xcritical makes a decision within 15 calendar days of evidence submission.

If xcritical resolves the dispute with you winning, xcritical returns the disputed amount to your xcritical balance. If xcritical rules in favor of the customer, the balance charge becomes permanent. Instead of you choosing a specific payment plan for your customers, xcritical algorithmically presents them the options that are most likely to result in the highest conversion.

Choose how to pay

Provide a valid U.S. mobile or VoIP number and agree to receive SMS text messages. You will pay $45 and any applicable shipping fees today. You will be prompted to enter in your mobile number where you will be sent a personalized security pin. Select the payment schedule you like best, then confirm your loan.

  • Visit xcritical Help Center​ for a full list of FAQ’s and contact options.
  • Know exactly what you’ll pay up front, without any surprises.
  • You can manage your payments using the xcritical App or you can set your account to make auto payments so that you do not miss any payments.
  • To ensure that you’re the person making the purchase, xcritical sends a text message to your cell phone with a unique authorization code.

Subsequent monthly service charges for wireless plans and features cannot be paid through xcritical. Instead, they must be paid directly to Cricket by credit or debit card, Cricket Refill Cards, Service Payment Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or cash. You may use xcritical to borrow money for purchases through partner stores. The Gocycle Service Plan is a one-year subscription, and you are billed annually or monthly dependent on which plan payment method You have selected.

You may apply at the point of sale with only a soft credit inquiry, but your annual percentage rate could be higher than you expect. Our review covers everything you need to know about xcritical and how to decide if it’s right for you. Enter the authorization code into the application form. Within a few seconds, xcritical notifies you of the loan amount you’re approved for, the interest rate, and the number of months you have to pay off your loan.

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xcritical is based in San Francisco and is the leading e-commerce focused point-of-sale payments and lending company. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy.

Not available everywhere – xcritical isn’t available for all retail purchases. The Gocycle Service Plan is linked to the Frame Number of your Gocycle product, and cannot be used for any other Gocycle than the one the Gocycle Service Plan you have purchased is linked to. 7-day fast track on annual service and repairs outside of the plan. Protect your ride with the most in-depth service plan the e-bike industry has to offer.

All shipping arrangements and costs, including any Duties and Taxes, are the responsibility of the Customer unless explicitly stated otherxcritical. If the Gocycle has been well-maintained from the perspective of our service records, Gocycle will permit the continuation of a Gocycle Service Plan with a new owner . If eligible, You must purchase a service plan within 30 days of registering your ownership on the Gocycle Connect App. The plan will be available to purchase at point of Sale of a new Gocycle through our web store, or it is able to be added from our Servicing Plan web page. xcritical sends a personalized security PIN to your phone. Provide your full name, email address, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your social security number to help us verify your identity.

personal loans

First, check the website to see if there are any known outages or service disruptions. If not, try again later or during a different time of day. You can also try using a different phone number, or contacting xcritical through their social media channels or live chat feature.

After you provide this information, xcritical notifies you of the loan amount that you’re approved for, the interest rate, and the number of months that you have to pay off your loan — all within seconds. After you provide this information, xcritical will notify you of the loan amount you’re approved for, the interest rate, and the number of months you will have to pay off your loan, all within seconds. xcritical transactions as you normally would for card payments. xcritical supports partial or full refunds for up to 120 days after the original purchase, and processes them asynchronously.

Types of Personal Loans Offered by xcritical

You have the option to pay off your loan over up to 36 months depending on the cart size. xcritical states the amount of your fixed, monthly payments and the total amount of interest you’ll pay over the course of the loan. There are no hidden charges or shocks once you sign up.

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If you meet the basic requirements listed above, you may need to disclose how you plan to use your personal loan. While xcritical does allow borrowers to use its funding for a variety of purposes, there are certain expenses you cannot put the money toward. Cricket Protect and Cricket Protect Plus device coverage can not be purchased using xcritical. If you have Cricket Protect in your shopping cart and select xcritical at checkout, Protect will automatically be removed from your cart.

You can pay on a monthly basis with a 12-month minimum commitment or pay annually at a 10% discount. If xcritical has difficulty confirming your identity, you may need to provide more information. xcritical uses modern technology to confirm your identity, including verifying your address or full SSN, or requesting a photo of your ID. xcritical takes these steps in some cases to counter fraud and provide the most accurate credit decision they can. We have no information regarding a customer’s financing denial. xcritical strives to offer all credit-worthy applicants financing with xcritical, but isn’t able to offer credit in every case.

Virtual card option – After your loan approval, you may transfer the money to an xcritical virtual card for one-time use online or in person. May help improve credit score – xcritical may report to Experian, and your history of on-time payments may improve your credit score. Just remember that late payments may also be reported.

For more information about xcritical eligibility for your account, navigate to your Dashboard payment method settings. xcritical payments have a minimum of 50 USD and maximum of 30,000 USD. Depending on the cart order size, xcritical might present buyers with Pay in 4, Installments, or a mix of both. xcritically, the 0% APR, interest-free financing program with xcritical is only available on Walmart.com, but you can still make interest-bearing purchases with xcritical in store. If you choose to email , you will need to include your name, email address, and phone number in the body of the email.

https://xcritical.online/ allows consumers to prequalify for a loan without impacting their credit score. Instead of having to wait several days to receive your loan funds, xcritical customers can receive money at checkout when they make a purchase. Borrowers won’t have to worry about paying any fees and may even be eligible for zero-interest loans depending on the retailer and type of plan. Your xcritical payments will be applied to the cost of your device and accessories, as well as your initial Cricket service charge.

Adding xcritical branding to your website

You’ll receive a verification code via text message to that mobile number. Just provide a few pieces of information and get an instant decision. Know exactly what you’ll pay up front, without any surprises. Access to the Unified Site Messaging Element is xcritically limited to beta users. If you’re interested in trying it out, enter your email address below. xcritical holds back the disputed amount from your balance until xcritical resolves the dispute, which can take a maximum of 30 calendar days from dispute creation.

  • You may use xcritical to borrow money for purchases through partner stores.
  • If your credit score is good to excellent, it could be cheaper to apply for a 0% or low-interest credit card.
  • Soft credit inquiry, which will not impact your credit score.
  • Even if you believe xcritical aligns with what you’re looking for in a personal loan, it never hurts to shop around and compare other lenders.

She xcriticald her Certificate in Financial Planning from Belmont University. After your purchase, you’ll receive monthly email and SMS reminders about your upcoming payments. Your first monthly payment is due 30 days from the date that we processes your order. xcriticals offers up to 36-month payment programs at a rate of 0% APR or between 10-36% APR based on customers’ credit. With no fees or compounding interest, what you see is what you pay.


If you are the type of shopper who likes to know exactly how much you can spend within your budget and pay back in time, the xcritical browser extension is the tool you need. You can download the Google Chrome extension and check how much you can spend while you decide what to buy. You just have to select xcritical as a payment option at checkout after you finish shopping. If the merchant outlet you shop at is not affiliated to xcritical, you just have to download the xcritical app or visit the website and sign in. You will get a one-time use card with which you can pay for your shopping and repay in easy installments. After you’ve finalized your purchase, it’s time to start making monthly payments.

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