Quickbooks Online Basics You Need to Know 11 30 2022 9:00 am to 12:00 pm U S. Small Business Administration


When you have consolidated employee details, it enables you to ensure present value of an annuity tablely payment to employees. It automatically calculates and runs payroll automatically when you need it. When you enter employee time, these hours automatically flow to invoices and payroll modules. The intended audience is someone who is considering utilizing QuickBooks for their business.

  • Participants will need to have access to a personal computer outside of classroom hours to complete the project.
  • In this course, learners will develop a greater understanding of the basic bookkeeping and accounting functions that the software enables.
  • By the time you complete this QuickBooks online tutorial, you will be ready to start using QuickBooks to manage all of your income and expenses.

With the ebook-only version, you’ll get full access in a matter of minutes. And if you order a hardcopy that includes an ebook, we’ll send you a link to the first chapter right away. Log in to request review copies and download instructor resources.


You will also choose whether to turn on inventory quantity and cost tracking. You don’t need to be a certified public accountant or even have an accounting degree to use QuickBooks Online successfully. While some basic bookkeeping knowledge would be helpful, it’s not required. In our free QuickBooks course, we will teach you what you need to know to manage your own books.

QuickBooks will generate important reports that will provide you, your accountant, and your banker important insights into the financial health of your business. QuickBooks by Intuit is small business accounting software that helps to manage income and expenses and track the financial position. QuickBooks use for enables the user to invoice customers, pay bills, prepare taxes, and generate financial reports.

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Please note that this workshop is only training on QuickBooks Online and not QuickBooks Desktop. If you are being sponsored by your company, click Ok to continue to register. If you have high-speed internet and a computer you can likely take this class from your home or office. Tim is a Certified QuickBooks Time Pro, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and CPA with 25 years of experience. He brings his expertise to Fit Small Business’s accounting content. This easy-to-use approach includes fully automated project grading with instant, detailed feedback for students.

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QuickBooks is designed primarily with small- to medium-sized businesses in mind . Once you have set up your company profile and accounts, you can proceed to enter transactions into QuickBooks. This includes recording sales, purchases, expenses, and payments. QuickBooks provides several features to ease this process such as automatic categorization and bank feeds.

How to Get the Most From Our Free QuickBooks Tutorials

You will also understand how to enter basic banking transactions manually. Finally, you can use the reconcile tool to ensure the transactions on your bank statement match what has been entered into QuickBooks, resulting in up-to-date financial statements. Our QuickBooks Basics Labs are quick and convenient, allowing you to take courses online on your own schedule. You can also use this basic plan to send invoices, accept payments, track sales tax, and manage 1099 contractors.

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While there are many good accounting software options for businesses, we rated QuickBooks Online as the best. These free QuickBooks tutorials will help you harness the power of QuickBooks Online while saving you time and frustration. If you’re ready to purchase the product, Quickbooks Online is offering new customers 50% off for three months or a 30-day free trial.

Welcome to the Fit Small Business free QuickBooks Online tutorials. Whether you are new to QuickBooks Online or could use a better understanding of the program, these tutorials are designed for you. Each QuickBooks tutorial provides an in-depth lesson complete with text, examples, and a comprehensive video demonstration. Students see the entire process before proceeding through accounting cycle. An introductory accounting cycle image is used throughout the textbook to orient students to where they are at any given time. QuickBooks learns from your interactions to automate categorization for expenses.

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In Online (Self-paced) courses, students consume the course material at their own pace. There are no live sessions, and an instructor will not be guiding their completion. Which is the most convenient accounting tool for a small business? Ask questions, get answers, and join our large community of QuickBooks users.


This requires providing fundamental information such as the name of the company, address, and phone number. Additionally, you will have to establish your accounting preferences which include your fiscal year, tax ID, and accounts receivable and accounts payable. This plan provides access to one user, plus their small business accounting services firm. This function allows the user to create and print invoices and email them to the customers. You can track the AR by looking at the number of outstanding invoices. It runs an AR aging report to track the number of days the invoices are overdue.

This lesson will teach you to download and track your credit card purchases in QuickBooks and reconcile them with your credit card statement to ensure that they match. QuickBooks is now offering a free meeting with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to help set up your new QuickBooks company including connecting your bank account and customizing your chart of accounts. This offer is not available with the 30-day free trial, so be sure to select 50% off for three months as your introductory offer. The Essentials plan is $25 a month for the first three months ($50 a month afterward) and provides everything from Simple Start, plus the ability to manage and pay your bills and track time. You can also generate sales quotes and transact in multiple currencies.


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For example, let’s say that Electronics Wholesale Inc. purchases 100 laptops at $500 each. Suppose Electronics Wholesale Inc. buys electronic items worth $10,000 from a supplier in China. The company can record this transaction in QuickBooks by creating a new bill and inputting the details, including the amount, date, and account to be charged. This QuickBooks Beyond the Basics course teaches the advanced features and functionality of Intuit’s 2021 desktop software application. Participants will need to have access to a personal computer outside of classroom hours to complete the project. The project will demonstrate the applicant’s ability to successfully implement and maintain a computerised system for a small business using QuickBooks software.

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