International Frisbee Tournament Software

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If you are planning an event like a Frisbee tournament and you are looking for the best international frisbee tournament software will be a great tool to have. The right software can help you keep track of player statistics and help make your tournament more organised. In addition, you will need to choose a program that is generally easy to use and features great customer support. Many companies claim their software will help your tournament run smoothly. However only a handful of them can fulfill the claim.

The best programs for international tournaments are produced by Global Information. They offer a free trial and excellent customer support. The software is also designed to support a variety of video game formats. Another popular choice is You for All, which was developed by former Red Hot foreign Frisbee players. It’s an easy-to-use app that aids event organizers in entering information into a database.

Playpass’ tournament registration software allows you to accept online payments. Stripe’s fee for processing cards can be passed onto players or be absorbed by you. It’s fast efficient, secure and cost-effective solution to collect online payments.

You can accept payments through a variety of options including PayPal and Debit Cards and Credit Cards. We have a solution to any budget and requirement whether you’re hosting an international tournament or a local tournament. Contact us for more details or a demonstration of our online registration software.

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