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Following are the future projects of Jumani group of Companies:
Khairpur is one of the major date growing areas where dates processing Industry is concentrated. Khairpur district is producing around 45% of Pakistan's date annually. Keeping in mind the potential of dates in the International market, Jumani Group of Companies has planned on establishes a modern dates processing plant which has a project cost of Rs. 300 Millions in Khairpur. The other reason is that till to date not a single plant as such technology or scale exist in the area. The plant will have a processing capacity of 3,000 M.T. per season which is of 5 months. Initial work on the feasibility has been started and by 2014 Khairpur Dates plant would start its production. By the establishment of this plant a new source of employment will also be generated in the area.
Pakistan is the world's seventh largest producer of Sugarcane and its Sugar industry is the second largest in Pakistan after textiles. Cane Molasses is the main bye product of Sugar Industry. The commercial utilization of Molasses in the Pakistan is very limited.
There are 4 sugar mills working near to Jumani group's main project Khairpur Sugar Mills Limited but there no single distillery units that has yet been established in the area. In view of importance of ethanol production in Pakistan, Jumani group has planned to establish a distillery unit in the area. Khairpur is a prime site for
Distillery based on factors such as feedstock availability, demand and cost; utilities and related infrastructure including waste water treatment options, finished goods transportation to the port for export, bye products market etc. and other key economic issues.
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